Clint Bowyer is a professional NASCAR Driver who stars in DoubleEdud's NASCAR Parody and races in the Double E Cup Series. In the NASCAR Parody, Clint Bowyer is first seen in Press Conference (in his #15 5-Hour Energy Toyota Camry for H Scott Motorsports) who admits that all NASCAR drivers are rednecks, and are all "totally insane". His latest appearance was in The Monster, in which he tells Carl of 'The Prophecy', the reason that Carl had to retire.

In the NASCAR Parody, Clint Bowyer is an exuberant driver who is obsessed with consuming his favorite drink, 5-Hour Energy, in which he often advertises. However, after 2016, Clint needed to give up his drink to let Erik Jones race in the series because of The Prophecy. Clint also is sprightly enough to make him speak in gibberish comments that don't often make sense. He often brings up random subjects and topics no one was aware about. Clint is even seen by lots of other drivers as crazy sometimes.

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