Danica Patrick is a professional NASCAR driver who stars in DoubleEdud's NASCAR Parody Videos and races in the Double E Cup Series. In the NASCAR Parody, Danica Patrick is first seen in the Press Conference with her boyfriend, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., when being asked a question about NASCAR. Danica Patrick is also the president of NASCAR in the parody videos in the episode, Presidential Debate. Danica is portrayed by Lydia Estepp.

In the NASCAR Parody, Danica is a lively individual who is strong about her passion as a race car driver. Many drivers question Danica's worth in the sport. Danica's boyfriend is Ricky Stenhouse Jr, who also appears in the series. Ricky is usually with Danica in the videos. Danica often pushes Ricky around and never wants him talking to other women. Ricky never seems to worry about this with Danica and feels it is a strong necessity if he wants to stay with her.