Jeff Gordon is a professional NASCAR driver who stars in DoubleEdud's NASCAR Parody videos and used to race in the Double E Cup Series. In the NASCAR Parody, Jeff's first episode was Kurt's Krazy Mind, in which he was one of the doctors attempting to make Kurt Busch less insane. His latest appearance was in The Monster, when Jeff and Clint Bowyer needed to explain the Prophecy to Carl Edwards and why he needed to retire.

In the NASCAR Parody, Jeff is usually a leader and director who tries and keep everyone in an orderly fashion. In the NASCAR Parody, he directed the 2016 NASCAR Presidential Debate and stayed in the series after his retirement. In the episode, 'Don't Go, Jeff!', Tails (from Sonic the Hedgehog) and Patrick Star (from Spongebob) try to prevent Jeff from retiring by attempting to zap him with a De-Age Ray and beat up Brad Keselowski. Jeff is generally liked by the other drivers.